92% of B2B Decision-Makers Use LinkedIn: Learn the Basics of LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the biggest professional networking site on the planet, with more than 830 million users in more than 200 nations and territories. Additionally, it’s an effective marketing tool, particularly for B2B companies.

92% of B2B decision-makers utilize LinkedIn, per a recent research by the company. This implies that you are passing up a significant chance if you are not using LinkedIn to promote your company.

What is marketing on LinkedIn?

The process of using LinkedIn to market your company, create leads, and cultivate connections with potential clients is known as LinkedIn marketing. Producing and disseminating excellent content Interacting with your audience, promoting on LinkedIn, and locating and establishing contact with possible clients with LinkedIn Sales Navigator all lie under the ways for marketing. LinkedIn generates 80% of leads for B2B marketing.

However, how can one begin with LinkedIn marketing? And how can you be certain that you’re reaching your target audience with the platform in an efficient manner?

For B2B companies, why is LinkedIn marketing important?

For B2B companies, LinkedIn marketing is crucial since it gives you direct access to your target market. LinkedIn is a useful tool for networking with thought leaders, decision-makers, and other professionals in your field.

Additionally, LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for networking with possible clients. You may get trusted by your target audience and position yourself as an authority on your subject by interacting with them and providing insightful information. LinkedIn is now being used for content marketing by 61% of B2B marketers.

Establishing a Company Page on LinkedIn

Establishing a LinkedIn company page is the first step in LinkedIn marketing. This is your official LinkedIn profile, where you may include details about your business, its offerings, and its culture. LinkedIn users are 5x more likely to convert on landing pages than visitors from other sources.

Here are the steps to build a corporate page on LinkedIn:

  1. Click the “Create a Company Page” button after going to the LinkedIn company pages page.
  2. Decide on the kind of business page you wish to build.
  3. Enter the details about your business, such as its name, website, and sector.
  4. Include a cover photo and the corporate logo.
  5. Select “Create Page” from the menu.

After creating your business page, you can begin publishing content and interacting with visitors.

Putting Up Articles on LinkedIn

Sharing your knowledge and thought leadership with your audience through LinkedIn articles is highly recommended. An article you post on LinkedIn gets published and shows up on your company profile as well as in your connections’ feeds. 53 million individuals read articles on LinkedIn every month.

Click the “Write an article” button on your company profile to begin writing a LinkedIn article. After that, finish writing your piece and press the “Publish” button.

When crafting posts on LinkedIn, remember to:

  • Select a subject that interests the people in your audience.
  • Write useful and attention-grabbing headlines.
  • To break up your content and add visual appeal to your article, use images and videos.
  • Write with precision and clarity.
  • Before publishing, carefully proofread your article.

LinkedIn Promotion

LinkedIn advertising is an excellent method of getting your message in front of a targeted audience. Your adverts can be targeted based on a variety of factors, such as firm size, job title, industry, and more.

Visit the LinkedIn Ads Manager to start a LinkedIn advertisement. Next, decide whatever kind of advertisement you want to make and what targeting choices to use. LinkedIn generates 2x more leads than other social media platforms.

Ensure the following when crafting LinkedIn ads:

  • Make powerful pictures.
  • Create lucid, succinct writing.
  • Make a strong case for taking action.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies 

  1. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to locate and engage with potential customers that fit your ideal customer profile. This tool can help you target your ideal customers. Customers can be found using a variety of search parameters, such as industry, job title, and company size.
  1. Post thought leadership material: LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for publishing content that will establish you as a recognized authority in your industry. In addition to writing blog entries and articles, you may also share infographics and videos.
  1. Join pertinent LinkedIn groups: Sharing information and establishing connections with professionals in your field can be facilitated by participating in LinkedIn groups. You can promote your material, take part in debates, and pose questions.
  1. Run LinkedIn advertisements: These ads let you target particular interests, occupations, and demographics. LinkedIn advertisements may be used to advertise your goods and services, get leads, and increase website traffic.

LinkedIn is a very effective B2B marketing platform. You may utilize LinkedIn to market your goods and services, reach your target market, and create leads by using the advice provided above.

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